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You can and will become a better version of yourself
with a few daily life hacks.
Through specially developed meditation rituals, sleep stories, yoga practices, soundscapes, and more, our aim is to provide an irresistible safe haven where you can take guilt-free time for yourself. Everyday.

And the best bit is that it’s all tailored to you. There’s no need to wade through videos and audio that aren’t for you, because who’s got time for that? Using clever technology, we’ll find the best programme based on your habits and needs to help body and mind. We know it can be tricky to carve out that five minutes in a day to be mindful but allow us to become your personal assistant enabling new rituals to develop a deep and caring relationship with yourself. The choice is Yours.
What you can expect to find
Sleep stories
Hours of ultra-relaxing sleep stories to help beat insomnia and to fall into a quicker, deeper sleep state every single night. We’ll have you dreaming in no time, providing a better quality of slumber so you feel refreshed every time you wake.
Sleep-inducing and positive narratives about travel, mental health, fairy tales and fantasy, classic novels, and body image and LGBT+ themes are added weekly.
Your favorite celebrities lend their voices and tell their very own stories focused on positive mental health experiences.
For pregnant users, especially created sleep stories and mindfulness tips to follow and provide companionship through your life changing three trimesters.
Specially designed sleep stories for children to wind down to and drift off to an imaginary place. They’ll shake off the feelings of the day and will feel well-rested for a more productive day tomorrow and beyond.
Hundreds of hours of yoga videos guided by the best yoga teachers in the world in aspirational landscapes, from in-depth courses to dip-in, dip-out quick fixes.
Fitness experts guide you through simple and effective training techniques to shape, tone, relieve muscle pain and stress and find strength of mind.
Meditation and Mind
Mindfulness meditation courses and breathing rituals train you to lower stress levels and channel your focus on the present moment.
Very latest news, research and tips from psychology experts in monthly blogs providing insight in everything mental health related.
Put questions to our in-house psychologists on weekly topics.
Play a library of ambient soundscapes to suit your mood. From relaxing lo-fi and dreamy nature sounds to help you switch off, to super-charged tunes and tantalising ASMR to awaken the mind, body and senses.
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